Day 2 of Your "Instant Relief" Roadmap


Here is your link to the 2nd day of your "Instant Relief" Roadmap.
This training day is very profound for many of our students.

"Instant Relief" Roadmap #2

If you completed Day 1: Pat yourself on the back
and let your unconscious mind know that you're
proud of yourself.  Great!

Remember Day 1's Powerful Q about percentage of negativity,
and the "Counting Consciousness" technique.
Lock in your "learnings / win's" by snapping your fingers!

If you haven't watched Day 1 yet, no worries.
We do recommend that you do each day in order.
They are each 15min's of great insight you can apply forever.That way the recipe for eliminating the old patterns, and
rewiring for happiness & success will really work for you.

As you know Day 1 was "Recognize".
But once you're aware of the unsupportive thoughts and feelings,
what do you do next?

Click on the link for Day 2 and discover now.
This day on its own has literally transformed
"depression to joy" within minutes of learning.

Also enjoy your downloadable "Feel Good Fast"
24/7 audio at the link above.
Get inspired, have fun and use what you learn!

Heather Ramsey & Colin Campbell
Founders, Chief Awesome Officers
Operation Feel Good, Inc.
Hotline: 1-888-310-7703