Day 3 of Your "Instant Relief" Roadmap


This is your link for Day 3 of your "Instant Relief" Roadmap.
By now most of you are getting a good feel for how this training has improved lives!

"Instant Relief" Roadmap Day 3

Take a moment to lock in your Wins from your Day 1 & 2 trainings.
Think about both techniques you have learned and ask yourself
"When or what situations today are you going to apply the tools?"
Then see yourself applying what you learned and
Feel the positive impacts already in your body and your life.

You are half way through your "Instant Relief" Roadmap...
&  You are Awesome!
Enjoy the better life you are creating!

Once you get there, feel free to click on "We Love Transformation"
below each of your 4 Daily Videos & Have Fun
Sharing your Wins & Insights with your Circles!

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