Dear Friend & Rewired4Mindful Business Champion!

Colin Campbell here.
I hope you're terrific!

I'd like to invite you to learn an extremely valuable skill...
... It's a book-publishing system focused on you getting your book finished and published - so you can use it to market your services, and earn more money.

Here's the story behind the whole thing...
After ghostwriting 16 books for business people in 8 different industries,
I interviewed my clients online, and 60 days later they had a book published (perfectly in their voice).

A few of my clients use their book to get referrals.
Another client uses his book to generate leads online.
Other clients use their book to get speaking engagements, and media appearances.
Two of my clients used their book to grow an online membership of over 22,000 people.

There are so many ways you can use a book to earn more money in your business. But there is a problem...
For most business people, writing a book sucks!
And it sucks for a number of different reasons.

First Reason: TIME

There're nothing sexy about slaving over a Word document for months, or years, to finally publish it - and then STILL need to promote the thing.
That's exactly why my clients have happily paid $10,000 to $25,000 for professionals like me to produce their material for them.
They just want it done, and they know their book's going to open opportunities far larger than their investment.

Second Reason: SKILL

Only a small group of people enjoy writing.
Of the people who enjoy it: a smaller group are good at it.
Of the people who are good at it: a still smaller group can use their book to sell services.


Chronic overwhelm makes it hard to speak or write clearly. After a long day at work, who has enough motivation to write?
If you've ever experienced the "start-stop" sequence where you start writing your book, then stop because your business needs your attention,
then your book project gets set aside for another couple months - you are not alone.
That being said...

Most people do not know the "secrets" of easier book-production.
If they did: Everything would change!
I say "secrets," meaning: stuff you don't know about producing a book in the easiest way.
As a ghostwriter, it was critical for me to refine my publishing process - to make it simpler, easier, faster, and more fun...

... and now I'm ready to allow you behind the scenes: transferring my experience to make your life way easier (while potentially earning more income).

Produce, Publish and Promote Your Book…
I taught a group of business people my publishing process.
Basically, I showed them all the steps I use to "produce, publish, and promote," books as a way to market their business.


The following links are a magic box full of tools, strategies and insights that RELIEVE YOU from a massive load of work, make your life so much easier,
and save you from weeks, or months of unnecessary time struggling to finish your book.

The value of this information is well over $2,000.00.
Depending on your business, the application of this information could be worth much more.


1. Marketing Book Bonus

Make The Rules to Win:

“Your book does not have to be the Great American Novel. It’s just got to attract the right people.”


Step #1: The Cornerstones of Clarity

Step #2: On: Structure

Step #3: Finishing Your Book

– – – – – –


Understanding Book Structure:

Book Structure Case-Study: Kirk Jaffe:

Book Cover Step One:


Step #1: Market Research

Step #2: Description, Categories, and Keywords

(Description Guide here: )

Step #3: Publishing Tutorial

Step #1: Landing page, Email, Group

Best-Seller Book Launch Method:

2. Marketing & Sales Bonus Training

On top of your Book Publishing Bonus, here's Highlights of your Marketing & Sales Bonus - a) Lead Generation b) Sales Conversion, and a c) 2 week Revenue Making challenge.

Remember on the home page of, I've also created for you 3 Sales Bonuses - 1. Sales Booking Formula 2. Sales Closing Checklist & 3. Sales Doubling ScoreCard. Go get them and put them to great use!

To Your Highest & Best!